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Cholesterol Basics

Cholesterol running a bit high? Not too excited about getting on cholesterol lowering meds?

One thing we see is people on cholesterol lowering medication and blood cholesterol of maybe 125 instead of something closer to 160 or 180. We tell these people to go back to their prescribing doctor to see about changing the dosage. Cholesterol is not an optional biochemical. Cholesterol is essential for basic cell membrane maintenance, the formation of myelin for nerve conduction, hormone production and bile. Low cholesterol is not advised.

When a person gets stressed, more cholesterol gets converted to cortisol in the adrenal glands and less cholesterol gets converted to estrogen and/or testosterone. In some cases this increased production of cortisol and decreased reproductive hormones can lead to increased cholesterol production to try to maintain a better equilibrium. The increased cholesterol production along with the stress can be part of the reason that cholesterol gets deposited on the artery wall instead of being transported to tissues where it can be properly used.

Remember cholesterol is your friend. The key is proper balance and reduced inflammation.

Many have reported excellent results with certain supplements that can help your body maintain a more favorable lipid balance. Among those are Apex Energetics Cholestar and Thorne Research Perfusia. You will find these great and effective products at the following link.

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