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Allergy Research Group

5-HTP 50mg 150c
Our Price:$48.67
Acetyl-Glutathione 60T
Our Price:$99.99
Adrenal Medulla 100vc
Our Price:$45.20
ALA Release 60T
Our Price:$27.90
FibroBoost 75c
Our Price:$52.95
Fibronol 150c
Our Price:$65.47
FlavinOx 90c
Our Price:$66.50
Germanium 50grams
Our Price:$196.86
Germanium 6grams
Our Price:$50.10
GI Flora 90c (2Pack)
Our Price:$29.00
GLA Borage Oil 30sg
Our Price:$21.23
GlucoFit 60sg
Our Price:$20.56
Glucosamine Sulfate 120c
Our Price:$39.88
Glucose Tolerance 90c
Our Price:$19.11
Gluta-Ascorbs 60c
Our Price:$36.00
Gluten-Gest 60c
Our Price:$20.58
Grape Pips 90c
Our Price:$31.63
L-Arginine 500mg 250c
Our Price:$46.88
L-Citrulline 100grams
Our Price:$48.30
L-Glutamine 500mg 100c
Our Price:$20.07
Lumbrokinase 30c
Our Price:$49.50
Lumbrokinase 60c
Our Price:$88.00
Lutein 60sg
Our Price:$32.66
Magnolia Extract 120c
Our Price:$34.78
Mastica 500mg 120c
Our Price:$51.55
Melatonin 20mg 60c
Our Price:$38.32
MSM 150c
Our Price:$23.30
Mucolyxir 12ml liquid
Our Price:$41.57
MultiMin 120c
Our Price:$23.91
Multi-Vi-Min 150c
Our Price:$32.56
N-Acetyl Glucosamine 90c
Our Price:$41.10
Nattokinase 100mg 180sg
Our Price:$118.45
Nattokinase 100mg 60sg
Our Price:$43.26
Nattokinase 36mg 300sg
Our Price:$157.59
Nattokinase 36mg 90sg
Our Price:$53.56
Nattokinase 50mg 300c
Our Price:$163.70
Nattokinase 50mg 90c
Our Price:$55.31
OcuDyne 200c
Our Price:$54.74
OcuDyne II 200c
Our Price:$63.93
Oregano Oil 60sg
Our Price:$20.98
OrganoGermanium 100T
Our Price:$68.56
Osteo-Vi-Min 315grams
Our Price:$50.47
PhosSerine Complex 90sg
Our Price:$73.28
Phyllanthus Complex 120c
Our Price:$45.39
PhytoArtemisinin 90c
Our Price:$78.73
PhytoCort 120c
Our Price:$47.70
Prima Una De Gato 1oz
Our Price:$53.53
Prima Una De Gato 90c
Our Price:$110.78
Proanthanol 90c
Our Price:$41.55
ProGreens 180c
Our Price:$28.33
Sano-Gastril 24T
Our Price:$21.33
Securil 30c
Our Price:$27.22
Super Artemisinin 60c
Our Price:$57.93
Super D3 60c (2Pack)
Our Price:$32.50
Super EPA Fish Oil 200sg
Our Price:$56.97
TG 100 100c
Our Price:$38.46
ThioDox 90T
Our Price:$64.00
Allergy Research Group

The Allergy Research Group performs work that aligns with its very name and is known to be leaders in innovation and supplement purity. Considered to be one of the first companies to recognize that the effectiveness of a supplement can be directly associated with any allergens of those who ingest them, they offer only the finest in supplements and feature the lowest possible allergen content possible. Allergy Research Company goes further than perhaps any other company to ensure that the supplements you intake are as allergen-free as possible. Additionally, they make every effort to fully disclose any possible sources of allergens within their products, such as shellfish, wheat, or soy.

OVitaminPro is thrilled to have the products of Allergy Research on our shelves. Each of their ingredients and combinations of ingredients are thoroughly researched to ensure the highest form of safety and effectiveness. The steps that they take to do so include high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), IR and UV-VIS spectroscopy, capillary electrophoresis (CE), inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS), atomic absorption (AA), thin layer chromatography (TLC), and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR). Shop today or give us a call for more information!

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