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Adrecor 60 Count: Smaller Bottle, Same Power

Chronic stress is among the leading causes of preventable disease. If you have talked to your physician and obtained a blood serum measurement of neurotransmitters, the next step for some sufferers is implementation of lifestyle changes to reduce stress over the long term. Adrecor 60 can help you feel well enough to start exercising and making changes to the diet. Learn about how Adrecor can help with the unique challenges of beating chronic stress.

Perpetuating Symptoms
Stress causes a cascade of hormonal changes in the body that start with activation of the adrenal glands. As a singular event, the stress response does not produce damage in the body. The modern world, however, never stops throwing stressful situations at you. This causes a lasting rise in cortisol levels and a number of serious conditions that result in even more stress, such as emotional disorders, obesity and impaired brain function.

Adrecor 60 stops this self-perpetuating cycle by supporting healthy adrenal function and returning neurotransmitter levels to a normal range. Cortisol receptors become desensitized after continuous exposure to cortisol. Adrecor reduces cortisol levels by making the receptors sensitive again. Receptors then alert the adrenal glands that sufficient cortisol is present, and the adrenals stop producing it.

Worn-out adrenals and excess stress hormones can cause fatigue, sleep disorders, heightened sensitivity to pain and abdominal obesity. Along with other symptoms, these problems can make it all but impossible to get started with exercise and other lifestyle changes proven to increase the body's stress tolerance. Adrecor 60 disrupts the consequences of prolonged stress long enough to give you a breather and time to implement changes.

Changes to Adrecor
Adrecor 60 is the original formula of Adrecor with no changes besides pill count. At 3-6 capsules per day, this bottle provides 10-20 days of relief from chronic stress symptoms. You might choose a smaller bottle for a test run on your symptoms. It might also be your choice should you want to attempt rapid implementation of lifestyle changes, or maybe you just want a smaller bottle to take on the go. After all, you can order more if necessary. Adrecor 60 gives you the support to end chronic stress, in conjunction with other lifestyle changes.