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Adrecor with Licorice: Boost Mood Naturally

Chronic stress is something most of us deal with. Our lives are hectic, we don't make the healthiest choices all the time, and it's easy to get wrapped up in stress and its effects. Adrecor with licorice is designed to stop the cascading effects of chronic stress throughout the body by increasing the tolerance of adrenal glands to stress. Take a closer look at how chronic stress may be robbing you of good health, and keep reading for information about how Adrecor with licorice can help mitigate the problem.

Understanding Modern Stress Levels
Chronic stress causes a series of changes in the body that are often responsible for recurring digestive complaints, mood swings, general fatigue, phantom pains, weight gain, suppressed immune function and memory loss. Long-term stress is cited as a risk factor in many diseases. Even with increased attention, stress is still not well understood.

Juggling time between deadlines, assignments, family and other tasks is a familiar source of stress. You could lead a simple life and still need the benefits of Adrecor with licorice, however. Gluten or lactose intolerance causes stress when these substances are ingested. Diets high in omega-6 fats cause stress as does the ingestion of pharmaceuticals, preservatives and other manufactured substances. Exposure to air or water pollution is likewise a threat. Simply put, your body is constantly subjected to toxins and irritants - but you can do something about it.

How Can Adrecor with Licorice Help?
Researchers discovered specific combinations of vitamins, minerals and amino acids support healthier adrenal function. It is the over-worked adrenal glands that lead to sluggishness and many other symptoms of chronic stress. Adrecor is a clinically tested combination of these substances with green tea extract and Rhodiola rosea root. Lab markers show healthier serum levels of epinephrine, norepinephrine, and cortisol in subjects testing Adrecor. The same subjects also expressed the experience of higher energy levels.

Licorice is a well-known herb for supporting healthy adrenal function. Its use is recorded in some of the most ancient texts, including Indian and Chinese herbal compendiums. Licorice is strongly anti-inflammatory, which reduces the stress response, and it contains glycyrrhizin. This substance enhances cortisol activity, which further reduces the symptoms of stress. Adrecor with licorice gives you body the tools to handle stress and the demands we experience every day.