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AdrenaCalm Vs AdrenaStim

AdrenaCalm and AdrenStim are often used together but each has a different purpose. These are both topical-based applications meaning that the supplements are absorbed through the skin instead of the gut. The advantage of this approach is that the path to the blood is more direct and you wonít lose any nutrients through digestion. Also you may be sensitive to some of the herbs in the formulations. Much of the sensitivity reaction requires activation of intestinal immune and neuronal tissue which wonít happen with a topical application.

AdrenaStim is formulated to help support a fatiguing adrenal response. If you have been under chronic stress like most people in our modern world, your adrenals may be having problems keeping up. You might notice this in many different ways but some common symptoms include: chronic fatigue, impaired cognitive function, problems with blood sugar and blood pressure regulation, thyroid disorders and more. See http://www.ovitaminpro.com/cobapa1.html for more information.

For example when people have low blood pressure, fatigue may result because it takes a certain amount of effort to move the oxygenated blood to all tissues in the body. The adrenal glands are part of the blood pressure equation. We recommend using AdrenaStim 3x per day until the blood pressure normalizes and then cut back to one or two for maintenance.

Of course your particular stress response will most likely be unique and the above is just an example of how we use it. It is easy to see how AdrenaStim can be a help to you in times of acute or chronic stress.

AdrenCalm is not really named correctly in my humble opinion. It really is a brain support supplement. In order to help the body deal with stress, the adrenal glands increase the production of cortisol. This is very helpful for a short time but chronic cortisol increase is too common. Elevated cortisol over time begins destroying the hippocampus part of the brain. The hippocampus plays a role in stress modulation and is also a big part of our memory response. So people who are having reduced hippocampus function tend to have behavioral problems and increasing loss of memory.

Preventing further hippocampus destruction and helping with restoration is the challenge. Phosphatidylserine (PS) has been shown to be quite effective. Some oral PS can be a help but it can be costly to get your brain as much as it needs using that method alone. A topical-based application can get your blood levels of PS faster and in a more cost effective manner. That is the reasoning behind AdrenaCalm.

To get maximum benefit you will use it 3x per day. If you can lower your stress and get your brain back on line you can reduce that to once or twice a day for maintenance.

Some people do find that AdrenaCalm before bed can help them sleep. AdrenaCalm can also help a person fall back to sleep if they wake up feeling a little wired in the middle of their sleep cycle. This isnít because it calms your adrenals but because it is helping your brain normalize its patterns in the middle of the stress response.

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