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Neurotransmitter Testing

Neurotransmitter testing is relatively new. I had a lot of resistance to getting involved in this type of testing. I quickly became very impressed with what could be done to help a mood state with some very specifically targeted nutrition.

Neurons talk to each other with chemical messengers called neurotransmitters. Your brain needs a healthy reserve of these chemicals because it has difficulty keeping up during times of stress or fatigue. If levels of one neurotransmitter begins to be lower than optimum, your brain will have to use other pathways with other types of neurotransmitters to try to maintain function. This only goes so far and when those secondary circuits begin to fail, you might notice some unpleasant effects such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks or other uncontrollable emotions.

We can now get an excellent profile of your neurotransmitter landscape by using a urine test. The testing itself is very complex but your part of it is extremely simple. One small urine sample about two hours after getting up for the day sent to the lab is all you have to do.

Once we have your symptom profile and the lab results, we can begin to give your body what it needs to begin rebuilding its neurotransmitter pools. Like we always say, if you don't have numbers here, you are just guessing.

Many people have spent an incredible amount of emotional and willpower energy trying to feel better when all they needed was a few simple and natural compounds to help their body do what it is designed to do.

Also see Health Resources: Validity of Neurotransmitter Testing.

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