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Athletic Injury

If you are a professional or amateur athlete, you are all too familiar with be side-lined by minor injuries. I remember training for a marathon and my biggest fear was getting injured somehow in the last week of training.

I am not a great skier but I am the best faller I know. Maybe it has something to do with my springboard diving and trampoline training as a kid. Anyway I was headed down a somewhat narrow run with a very unsure skier ahead of me. He was going to fall and I was trying to guess which way would be the best way around. I guessed wrong as at the last moment he switched directions and I had to make a sudden change before I could fully shift my weight and down I went too. This was not a good fall and I could feel the rapidly increasing tightness in my back. We had about 2000 ft of vertical elevation to transverse or maybe 10 minutes of fast skiing to get to the car and then a half hour drive home. I told my wife that we had better head down immediately because I was on borrowed time.

That evening in spite of being on a good dose of ibuprofen, the only position I could be comfortable in was on my hands and knees. Everything else was pretty bad. Then I remembered the IceWave Patches. We got some out of the cupboard and put a brown on the left of my low back and a white one on the right. Within 15 seconds, about 80% of the pain was gone. I was happy as you might imagine.

I take this type of injury very seriously as during my 30 years in chiropractic I have seen way too many lives ruined by injury and more importantly improper management of these injuries. For general injury recovery, we have excellent results with chiropractic, infra sonic, cold laser and hyperbaric treatment.

Every injury phase has its own challenges. The first few days you will want to take supplements that help your body deal with the torn and leaking tissues. Metagenics Acute Phase is just that formula. Acute Phase is a collection of different supplements in packets that you take three times a day for three days. I am happy to report that these do make a difference. Once the injury happens you will want to start taking these ASAP. Problem is that once the injury happens it is too late to order them. If you are active, you would do well to keep some of these on hand.

I have already mentioned LifeWave IceWave Patches. These are designed to stimulate your body's ability to remove the inflammation. Some chronic issues respond well to these too. These patches can be a simple and important part of the healing process.

We also recommend ChondroCare and EC Matrixx both from Metagenics. ChondroCare has glucosamine sulfate and MSM that we have seen do wonders over the years, especially for any injury out of the acute phase. EC Matrixx has helped many people decrease their reliance on stronger pain meds. They seem to work about two months. But they do give you some healing time. As they say, your mileage may vary.