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Avipaxin Use Tips

NeuroScience formulated Avipaxin to help with cognitive function especially focus and attention. You might find it useful if you have fairly normal brain activity but need extra focus and concentration on a specific project like writing a book or designing a circuit board. People who have a history of brain fog from problems that might include things like gluten sensitivity or concussions from auto accidents, football or hockey and the like can also benefit greatly from extra acetylcholine.

Acetylcholine (ACh) is important for autonomic and brain function. Autonomic function means maintenance of the ANS or autonomic nervous system that regulates most physiological processes running in the background like blood flow, bladder function, digestion, blood pressure, hormone activity, sexual function and well, you get the idea.

In the brain, ACh specifically helps with the process of waking up, arousal, learning and as mentioned, focus and attention. Low ACh levels are often associated with brain disorders such as Alzheimer's Disease.

Lucky for us, improving ACh levels isn't that difficult with supplementation. NeuroScience has chosen five ingredients that work together to do just that.

If your brain generally works OK, that is you usually have good energy, then you can just take it as needed. It takes about an hour or so to kick in so keep that in mind. How many capsules you need will depend on your particular body chemistry. Two may be sufficient but don't be afraid to experiment with three, four or even five or six at a time if that is what it takes to get your alertness up. We haven't seen any issue with taking as many as six at a time.

If you have chronic brain fog, you will want to add Avipaxin into your normal routine. The time of day you will take it depends on your lowest points in the day. For example, if you are not a morning person, you can start your day with the number of capsules it takes to get your brain energy up. That can be anywhere from two to six depending. You will probably need to take it periodically throughout the day.

In some cases of persistent brain fog, we have seen that some brain healing seems to take place and you will rely on Avipaxin less and less. Part of the benefit will be better sleep and that may be part of the reason for the brain healing. You know that poor sleep will contribute to brain fog during the day and brain fog will contribute to poor sleep.

The effects of Avipaxin can last anywhere from a few hours to most of the day with a single dose.

You shouldn't feel an artificial boost in energy like you would from caffeine or other stimulant. You should just feel alert, confident, aware and relaxed at the same time. This is a sign of more healthy brain function.

I recommend taking a couple of BetterGenix AdrenalGenix or NeuroScience AdreCor capsules with your dose of Avipaxin. These supplements help with blood sugar balance via better adrenal function. The combination of AdreCor and Avipaxin has been a staple of ours since for many years.

As always if you need further clarification, please contact us at or at 877-465-0844.