Anxiousness Basics (video)

Anxiousness Basics (video)

Posted by DS, DC on Feb 16th 2022

Many cases can find help. 

The most common signs that a person has neurotransmitter imbalances are chronic feelings of:



Feeling down

Difficulty sleeping

The thing about brain malfunction is that without doing something specific to repair the damage it is a one-way ride downhill and the problems pick up speed. Just in case you missed that, brain problems are progressive meaning they don't just plateau and as time goes on, the problems accelerate. This means that these issues will never be easier to resolve than right now. Next year it will be more difficult that the next year after that more difficult still. Waiting to see is not a good option.

Doctors of all kinds use different tools to decide what might be helpful. In our clinical practice we have experimented with many of these tools such as questionnaires, trying to match general symptoms and remedies, trial and error and even some energetic diagnostic machines and AK or applied kinesiology. These all have their place but we like the success we have seen with measuring breakdown products of neurotransmitters in the saliva and urine.

We Know About the Detractor Arguments

Just so you know, we have heard the arguments about how neurotransmitter testing can't work for this or that physiological reason. The factor these detractors don't take into account is the tremendous correlation between these tests and the excellent clinical results. When we at OVitaminPro were first introduced to the possibility of testing and treatment of these common but serious negative feelings, we were skeptical. Our son is a chiropractor in Stockton, CA and he said he was getting good results with the NeuroScience testing and treatment protocols so we decided to give it a try. Decades later we are still enthusiastic because we see symptoms like anxiousness respond very quickly and favorably to targeted nutrition.

Specific Nutrients Can Have A Great Effect

Researchers have had excellent success in learning how the brain reacts to certain combinations of certain nutrients. Giving your neurons building blocks they can use to manufacture these neurotransmitters can reduce these symptoms in many cases. Everyone is a little different so what worked for your sister or friend probably won't work for you the same way. You can find your own formula for success too, however. Anxiousness is often associated with less than optimum levels of serotonin and glutatmate. Specific amino acid and herbal combinations to help up regulate serotonin and down regulate glutamate. Join the thousands who have found a better and more productive life with less will power effort by learning what supplements might be your shortest route to feeling like you again. Most people can learn to manage their anxiousness very effectively with these targeted supplements. We at OVitaminPro are here to help. 877-465-0844