Blood-Brain Barrier Assessment

Blood-Brain Barrier Assessment

Posted by DS, DC on Feb 16th 2022

The cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) surrounds the brain and spinal cord. The blood and CSF are compartmentalized that is they do not readily mix. The separation or barrier is a fine network of epithelial cells that can only be seen directly with a scanning electron microscope. Like the tight junctions of the intestines, these junctions are subject to breakdown by any number of inflammatory agents and processes. A healthy blood-brain barrier (BBB) is essential for brain health. Lack of integrity of the BBB will lead to brain degeneration. Brain degeneration is not self-correcting and the rate of degeneration picks up speed like an out of control train coming down a mountain pass.

Brain degeneration is very common. Signs of degeneration are fairly obvious and include decreasing ability to perform activities that are brain dependent such as: declining memory, decreased ability to read and learn, reduced ability to drive, carry on conversations, reduced ability to handle social situations, general fatigue, decreased passion for life and decreased focus.

Also check your signature. Handwriting is a valid indicator of general brain health in many instances.

We all tend to laugh at these signs. "Ha, ha, ha, I just can't remember people's names anymore".

We can use some common supplements to help give a rough idea of the amount of inflammation and degeneration. Maybe you have a certain time of day when you tend to have brain fog. You can take an Avipaxin every hour for a few hours and see if that makes a difference. If you find your focus and energy returning you can be sure that you have some marked brain inflammation.

To check the blood brain barrier, you will take 1000 mg of GABA. Although GABA is a very powerful inhibitory neurotransmitter, it is a large molecule and shouldn't be able to cross the BBB very well. If you notice a sedating effect within the next several hours, you are in trouble and your brain is in run-away degeneration mode. If you notice increased anxiety instead of calming effect, you not only have problems with your BBB but also with your neurotransmitter balance. Now you understand why we don't suggest GABA to calm you down. It shouldn't work on a healthy brain. I don't want to leave you hanging so I will discuss remedies in the next essay.