Children's Supplements at

Children's Supplements at

Posted by SC on Feb 16th 2022

Your child's health is important to you and as a parent you have the responsibility to ensure that his or her lifestyle starts off right. Developing healthy habits in diet and exercise at an early age can ensure that your son or daughter lives his or her best life, but sometimes, you need a little extra support when it comes to giving your child nutrients. Maybe he's a picky eater. Maybe her body just doesn't absorb a certain nutrient well. Either way, is here to help with a selection of quality supplements.

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We like the Little DaVinci Brand. Here are a few options.

DaVinci Laboratories Chewable Kidbiotic

Davinci Laboratories Chewable Vitamin C

DaVinci Laboratories Immuni-Z + Elderberry

DaVinci Laboratories Immuni-Z

DaVinci Laboratories Kidbiotic Powder

DaVinci Laboratories Mighty Vite 60

DaVinci Laboratories Mighty Vite

Start your child on a path to a long and healthy life by supplementing with any of these supplements for children:

Children’s Vitamins

Looking to provide the all-around, good nutrition your child needs? Then supplement his or her diet with these a multi-vitamin from Recommended for children who need extra vitamin and mineral support, this children’s supplement is ideal for ensuring that your child gets the nutrients need to grow up big and strong and most importantly, healthy.

Progena Meditrend Childrens Chewable Vita-Mins

DaVinci Laboratories Mighty Vite

Children’s DHA/EPA Supplement

Schools, playgrounds, and daycare centers are always breeding grounds for illness and if you want to boost your child's immunity so there can be fewer days home sick, consider supplementing his or her diet with a childrens DHA/EPA supplements from These great product helps support healthy brain function, cardiovascular health, and boosted immunity so that your child can be at his or her best.

Nordic Naturals Nordic Omega-3 Gummy Worms

Genestra DHA Pediaburst (orange flavor Chewable)

KidsActive Powder

This unique, effective supplement for your child’s mental focus and concentration is designed to help your child feel calm and relaxed, which can be incredibly helpful in high stress or high anxiety situations. If your child suffers from constant anxiousness, stress, or hyperactivity, consider supplementing his or her diet with this easy to administer supplement from Simply mix a scoop into your child's water or juice and that's it. No capsules and no stress.

Advanced Nutrition by Zahler KidsActive Powder

This is just a sampling. We have much more.