Gluten Free Diets: A Healthier Alternative

Gluten Free Diets: A Healthier Alternative

Posted by SC on Feb 16th 2022

At, we're committed to keeping you healthy through natural supplements and wellness products that work with your body's chemistry from the inside out to give you balance, energy, or vitality. When it comes to nourishing our bodies, we believe that going gluten free can be one of the best decisions you make for your overall health. Not sure what it means to be gluten free? Well, let us help you get started with some frequently asked questions concerning gluten free nutrition:

What is Gluten?

Gluten is a protein found in foods processed from wheat or grass-related grains. When added to food, it can give it a chewy, doughy texture. Gluten is used not only for providing texture, but also for adding protein to a variety of different foods, especially those that are usually lower in protein. All in all, when someone says "gluten", they're usually referring to products made using wheat, barley, malts, kamut, spelt, or rye.

In today's society, gluten products can be found just about anywhere. Pizza, bagels, sandwiches...these are all things that contain wheat gluten. Despite the fact that gluten is so prevalent in our food choices, many of us develop gluten sensitivities, which can cause digestive issues, not to mention, weight gain. As a way to reduce the effects of gluten sensitivity, some people choose to switch to a gluten free diet.

What's a Gluten Free Diet?

A gluten free diet is just that: a diet completely free of gluten. This type of diet eliminates wheat, kamut, spelt, barley, rye, malts, and triticale food items and instead substitutes them with gluten free grains and starch sources like: corn, potatoes, rice, tapioca, amaranth, millet, quinoa, chia seed, yam, pure buckwheat, chickpeas, bean flours, nut flours, and arrowroot.

Is It Easy to Go Gluten Free?

Absolutely! It's never been easier to go gluten free. Most grocery stores and all health food stores offer many gluten free products so that it's easy for you to follow this type of diet. At alone, we offer many gluten free supplements and gluten free diet tips, in addition to wellness products that can assist with digestive issues caused by gluten sensitivity.

What are the Benefits of Gluten Free Dieting?

As for benefits, many people who have gone gluten free say that they feel healthier overall, but in some cases, they may experience weight loss and increased energy levels. Plus, if you suffer from gluten sensitivity, going gluten free is one of the best decisions you can make for your digestive health.

Have questions about gluten free dieting? Be sure to consult your doctor!