Posted by DS DC on Feb 16th 2022

Hormone Basics

Chemical Messengers

Hormones are chemical messengers made in one part of the body and trigger a response in the target organ in another part of the body. They work in concert with the nerve system to help keep our bodies in a state of balance. In this discussion we will be talking about primarily the effects of reproductive hormones.

Hormones specific to thyroid regulation, blood sugar regulation and other important functions will be discussed in the section on those respective topics.

Some Hormone Effects Are Pretty Obvious

Hormones have powerful physiological effects, some of which are pretty obvious. Hormones change our bodies from the child to the adult version. They also have dramatic effects on the brain during that process as all of us has experienced. This plays out a little differently in each person but you can be sure that your 8 year-old brain changed dramatically to its 20 year-old version. Much of that was hormone-guided development.

Hormone Regulation Responds to Various Factors

Hormone regulation is subject to all the same insults as the rest of our body. Excessive levels of stress, heavy metals, poor food choices, lack of exercise, medications along with bacteria, viruses and parasites will most likely alter some aspect of your reproductive hormones. In nature we often see that if a population gets stressed, the reproductive system is the first one to show difficulties. Bald eagles were having difficulty reproducing when exposed to DDT for example.

Symptoms Of Hormone Stress In Reproductive System

Likewise people can experience fertility problems, lowered libido, low sperms counts, PMS symptoms and/or menopause issues. Any of those would be enough to start looking for some solution. Like any other health issue, it is best to include a general health improvement plan along with some specific supplement support. For general health improvement, see articles about Detox Basics and Probiotics Basics and other relevant articles in our Blog.

Estrogen Dominant

Women are often estrogen dominant meaning the estrogen-progesterone balance is shifted too far to the estrogen side. If the problem isn't too severe, adding a little progesterone in the luteal phase that is starting about 14 days after the start of the period until the start of the next period can do wonders. We recommend sublingual drops and not creams. Transdermal cream application tends to result in the accumulation of progesterone in the fat where it is released relatively continuously. This might work for some but it would be preferable to get a more controlled timing. We get great feedback from Bezwecken products for female hormone support. Each of these is designed to handle a different hormonal need. Read up on the descriptions or give us a call to see which might be best for you.


Yikes! Declining Libido

We have included DHEA supplements because you need adequate levels of this important hormone precursor to make any testosterone, estrogen or progesterone. Declining libido can be very subtle at first and then one day you realize that your interest in sex isn't even close to what it used to be. To perk up your interest and quality of your sexual experiences a few key products can be helpful. This is a good time to remind you that the best aphrodisiacs are rest and good health. From a supplement angle tribulus has been a favorite herb of some cultures for centuries.

We get excellent feedback for DaVinci Andro Benefits. Taking 2 or 3 Tribulus for both men and women can increase more than just your interest. Tribulus works short term and fairly quickly.

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