Long COVID Symptom List

Long COVID Symptom List

Posted by DSDC on Mar 7th 2023

COVID-19 has been hard to pin down due to the large variation in symptoms from person to person. Long covid presents even a wider variety in possible symptoms. Research indicates that about 40% of patients do not adequately recover from COVID and continue to have symptoms beyond 12 weeks.

One study did find that low dose naltrexone (LDN) was helpful in long covid patients. This study was using 1-2 mg of LDN. 3-4 mg would probably have been a better dose from what we have seen over the last decade.

The information in this article is from a survey put together by Dr. Natalie Lambert of Indiana U Medical School and others. Because this is a long list, I won’t go into detail for each one. Just look at the list and see if this might apply to you. This collection of symptoms was compiled and published in August 2021.

Beside each symptom is the number of people reporting that problem based on a survey of 5652 people.


Bilateral Neck Throbbing Around Lymph Nodes-32

Elevated Thyroid-33


Herpes, EBV, or Trigeminal Neuralgia-38

GERD With Excessive Salivation-41

Personality Change (Drastic)-41


Hormone Imbalances-44


Kidney Issues or Protein in Urine-47

Dry Scalp or Dandruff-52

Low Blood Pressure-58

Covid Toes (rash)-59

Eye Stye or Infection-63

Foot Pain-69

Goiter or Lump in Throat-70

Cracked or Dry Lips-73

Cold Burning Feeling in Lungs-74

Low Blood Oxygen-77


Jaw Pain-80

Painful Scalp-80

Burning Sensations-83

Mid-Back Pain at Base of Ribs-84

Abnormally Low Temperature-91

Bulging Veins-95

Hand or Wrist Pain-96


Spikes in Blood Pressure-104

Kidney Pain-115

Brain Pressure-119

Swollen Lymph Nodes-125

Extreme Pressure at Base of Head or Occipital Nerve-128

Feeling of Burning Skin-135

Bone Aches in Extremities-139

Phantom Smells-152

"Hot" Blood Rush-152

Chills But No Fever-154

Neck Muscle Pain-155

Mouth Sores or Sore Tongue-162

Heat Intolerance-165

Swollen Hands or Feet

Dry or Peeling Skin-179

High Blood Pressure-181

Dry Throat-190

Post-Nasal Drip-191

Weight Loss-195

Feeling Irritable-197

Muscle Twitching-204


Sharp or Sudden Chest Pain-210

Changed Sense of Taste-221

Tinnitus or Humming in Ears-223

Nerve Sensations-243

Constant Thirst-246


Floaters or Flashes of Light in Vision-240

Upper Back Pain-253

Sleeping More Than Normal-254

Tremors or Shakiness-257

Calf Cramps-258

Dry Eyes-264

Clogged Ears-267

Weight Gain-300

Nausea or Vomiting-314

Shortness of Breath or Exhaustion From Bending Over-318

Lower Back Pain-319

Abdominal Pain-344

Phlegm in Back of Throat-361

Partial or Complete Loss of Sense of Taste-357

Changing Symptoms-381

Reflux or Heartburn-385

Neuropathy in Feet and Hands-401


Congested or Runny Nose-414

Blurry Vision-418

Hair Loss-423

Fever or Chills-441


Partial or Complete Loss of Sense of Smell-460

Night Sweats-475

Sore Throat-496


Heart Palpitations-509

Joint Pain-566


Persistent Chest Pain or Pressure-609


Memory Problems-714


Difficulty Sleeping-782


Inability to Exercise or Be Active-916

Difficulty Concentrating or Focusing-924

Shortness of Breath or Difficulty Breathing-924

Muscle or Body Aches-1048


Again, that number following each symptom is the number of people of the 5000+ people surveyed who reported that particular symptom.

Congratulations for getting this far. This is quite a list. The idea is to help understand the wide range of problems possible from the same virus family.

Maybe you don’t need to do anything different if you are improving week by week or at least month by month. If you are having a plateau problem, it might be time to give your body some help.

Make sure you are getting enough vitamin C. Personally I would get 2-4 g of C each day in divided doses.

Which type you go with may not be that big a deal but I usually go with:

Ecological Formulas Vitamin C-1000 Non Corn

Healthy vitamin D levels are critical for immune health. Most people need 5000 – 10,000 IUs per day.

BetterGenix Vitamin D3

Zinc can be a factor. One capsule a day is usually enough.

Karuna Zinc Picolinate Plus

Last but not least is glutathione support to help with your general detox. Most will need 2-4 caps/day.

BetterGenix NAC

You can talk with your prescribing doctor about low dose naltrexone. You might get lucky and find one willing to prescribe appropriate amounts. As mentioned earlier, we think 1-2 mg might be too light a dose for most people. I did talk with a local pharmacist at Pacific Compounding in Stockton, CA. They have a nice routine that they recommend for problems like this. Your doctor can always get in touch with them to get more details.