Probiotic Supplement Basics

Probiotic Supplement Basics

Posted by SC on Feb 16th 2022

Modern research has shown that the human body is a host to numerous species of friendly bacteria inhabiting the entire digestive tract. Many things can happen to disrupt the bacterial populations, and the quickest way to help them is by using the best probiotic supplements.

Costs of Disruption
A list of the most common factors damaging populations of friendly bacteria should sound familiar. Most people have experience with every item on the list. This underscores the need to become familiar with the best probiotic supplements, but it is not the only reason.

  • chronic stress
  • poor diet with artificial ingredients, chemical preservatives, and refined ingredients
  • trauma including surgery, auto accidents, broken bones, etc.
  • use of antibiotics

Friendly bacteria serve two basic roles. First, they scavenge nutrients and increase their availability to the body. In the mouth, friendly bacteria will eat particles stuck between teeth and prevent the formation of plaque. In the small intestine, they release nutrients from soluble fiber. Second, the friendly bacteria prevent other bacteria from invading and causing damage. For example, bad bacteria in the mouth will release acidic waste and cause cavities. The best probiotic supplements, such as Progressive Labs Probiotic Broad Spectrum and Nordic Flora Probiotic by Nordic Naturals, will increase good populations that protect against invasion.

Medical Research on Probiotics
Studies have shown probiotic supplementation to be a valuable and cost-effective intervention. Dental research has found that oral application, generally by swishing probiotic-infused water in the mouth or applying powder directly to teeth, can prevent formation of cavities. Surgical research has found that use of the best probiotic supplements prior to surgery reduces the incidence of infections, such as MRSA. It has been proven that probiotics boost immune function and help resolve other issues associated with poor digestive health.

Choosing Quality Supplements
Most probiotics are stable at room temperature unless otherwise labeled and an ideal choice for anyone simply looking to strengthen digestive and immune function. Nordic Flora can help alleviate gas, bloating and aid in gut biodiversity. This is a great product for those with chronic stress or other inflammatory conditions. The best probiotic supplements can assist in preventing and helping resolve many health concerns.