Travacor: Your Questions Answered

Travacor: Your Questions Answered

Posted by SC on Jan 19th 2022

If you're someone who constantly feels anxious or is having trouble sleeping, you may have heard about TravaCor to remedy your problems. At, we're proud to offer TravaCor to help you get back to feeling more like yourself, but we also want to give you all of the information you need concerning this great supplement.

Check out our answers to some of your questions regarding TravaCor.

Why Was TravaCor Created?

Serotonin levels help to keep your body running at its best. Serotonin controls your ability to sleep, suppress carbohydrate cravings, and regulate mood. Serotonin deficiency is an epidemic that affects millions of people in a variety of ages and lifestyles. Women especially suffer low serotonin levels which can cause someone to develop depression, sleeping problems, or even weight gain as the result of indulging in cravings. TravaCor was developed by Dr. Kellerman and NeuroScience to help boost serotonin so that people have a chance to live a life free of depression, sleep deprivation, and other associated problems.

How Does it Work?

TravaCor provides gentle support for the inhibitory neurotransmitter system by using a unique combination of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. One of those amino acids, theanine, has been widely studied for its ability to produce calm and prevent over-stimulation and excitement.

TravaCor also contains 5-HTP, which supports the production of serotonin so that it's easier for your body to fix the deficiency naturally. Taurine, another ingredient, enhances the effects of an important inhibitory neurotransmitter so that your feel even better.

Do I Need TravaCor?

TravaCor is recommended for people who have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep, or those how suffer from high levels of anxiety and restlessness. If you find yourself having any of these common health issues, chances are you need to bring your serotonin levels back into balance. TravaCor can help you do that.

Where Can I Find TravaCor? offers TravaCor at a great price so that you can take control of your sleeplessness and anxiety and start feeling your best each and every day. For a more complete solution, you can also try taking AdreCor, which is also available through