Zinc Overview

Zinc Overview

Posted by DS DC (2022) on Jun 13th 2022

Zinc and Immune Response

Zinc Is Essential

Zinc is an essential nutrient for many aspects of human physiology. Adequate zinc levels are important for cardiovascular health, cancer defense, protection against diabetes and inflammation and the immune system.

Zinc Involved in 300 Enzymes

Zinc is involved in 300 enzymes and 1,000 transcription factors (proteins that help in cell division and DNA copying).

Body Has NO Zinc Storage System

The body has no way to store zinc making a steady supply important.

Zinc has been shown to reduce risk of getting colds and in reducing chance of getting sick in the first place.

Zinc Has Antioxidant Properties

Zinc has antioxidant properties. Oxidative stress over time increases chance of chronic disease.

Older People Tend to Eat Zinc Poor Foods

Older people tend to have more issues with zinc deficiencies as they tend to eat fewer zinc rich foods and have more trouble assimilating the zinc they do eat. This could be one of the reasons why older people tend to have more issues with the issues mentioned above.

As Zinc Decreases Inflammation Tends to Increase

As zinc levels decrease, the cells that control inflammation behave differently that is improper immune cell activation and dysregulation of proteins that help control inflammation.

Supplementation Is Easy and Inexpensive

Determining zinc deficiencies is not that easy so the best approach is to make sure you are getting enough. Supplementation is inexpensive. We have several sources of zinc but tend to go with Karuna Zinc Picolinate or Zinc Picolinate Plus. The Plus formula adds copper as pushing zinc can lower copper utilization in the body.

Learn More By Searching Zinc Pathway Images

You can learn more by looking at zinc in various pathways by searching images for zinc metabolic pathways. Eyes may glaze over after looking at a few of these.

Take away from this is to add zinc to your vitamin C, vitamin D and melatonin anti-virus regimen.

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