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Calm CP Works to Balance Cortisol

One of the biological markers for chronic stress is elevated cortisol levels. This chemical is a primary ingredient in the fight-or-flight response and is believed responsible for stopping digestion, pushing blood to the extremities and dilating pupils. Calm CP is a formulation from NeuroScience designed to normalize serum levels of cortisol. Over the long term, exposure to high levels of cortisol increases the risk of chronic disease and causes other symptoms that negatively impact quality of life.

How Does Calm CP Work?
If you experience symptoms associated with high cortisol levels, it's time for a neurotransmitter profile from your doctor. Some of the symptoms include disrupted sleep, recurring digestive complaints and memory problems. Prolonged elevation of cortisol also makes you more susceptible to infections, ulcers, weight gain in the abdomen and upper body, acne, and bone and muscle atrophy. The first step toward treatment is positive identification of high cortisol levels.

This product is sometimes used in conjunction with Adrecor, but this depends on the individual's profile. Calm CP contains a blend of glycine and taurine to support the absorption of standardized Banaba leaf and SerinAid 50P. SerinAid increases sensitivity of cortisol receptors, which causes the body to stop production. Banaba leaf balances the blood sugar count by restoring insulin sensitivity. It has long been used by diabetics. Overall, this product offers a highly successful treatment for reducing elevated cortisol levels.

Choosing the Right Product
Some people need to address underlying conditions that cause elevated cortisol levels. Others will benefit most from assisted reduction of cortisol over the long term. It can be nearly impossible to make lifestyle changes, such as adopting a healthy diet or exercise routine, while experiencing the effects of elevated cortisol. For this reason, Calm CP is now packaged in a smaller, 60-count bottle.

Some people with a high cortisol level will gain few or very short-term benefits without the treatment of other neurotransmitter imbalances. If you suspect chronic stress and neurotransmitter imbalance is the root of above symptoms, check with your doctor for accurate diagnosis. Calm CP helps you reduce elevated cortisol safely and effectively and is a step in the right direction toward better health.