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Can You Repair Your Intestinal Barrier? Leaky Gut Syndrome & Other Intestinal Concerns

Leaky gut syndrome has been talked about for decades, but there are some misconceptions around this health concern and it's taken awhile for science to show the role certain molecules play in intestinal barrier health.

If you think you have intestinal problems or leaky gut symptoms (this is quite common), you probably do, but there are some testing options available. We recommend exploring what your body is actually reacting to through testing.

Once you know what you're reacting to, we recommend supplementing with probiotics to improve intestinal health and facilitate intestinal barrier repair.

Additionally, you may want to look at other supplement options targeted specifically toward this health concern. NuMedica: Gluten Support Program - 30 Day and Davinci Labs: G.I. Benefits target leaky gut syndrome and your overall intestinal health. The NeuroBiologix: Protein Plus GFCF program is also recommended to help improve intestinal health as well.

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