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Dandelion Root: An Herb That Is Just Dandy For Internal Health

As children, we remember finding dandelions in the yard, and bestowing bouquets upon our loving mothers who convincingly reacted as if those were the most beautiful flowers they had ever seen. (when they were probably really thinking, "Thanks for pulling the weeds.")

We also remember dandelions being the surefire way to tell whether or not you liked butter. (You didn't know for yourself-evidently you needed someone to test you instead.) That's right, if you hold a dandelion under someone's chin, and that person's chin turns yellow, it "undoubtedly" means that individual likes butter. (Or, you can just ask whether or not they like butter.)

And our favorite...making a wish as you blow away the fuzzy tendrils of a fully bloomed dandelion...

Childhood memories and fables aside, dandelion root is considered by many to be a very valuable herb for medicinal purposes. With a history rich within American Indian and Chinese culture, the dandelion root has been used to treat kidney problems and digestive ailments.

Protocol For Life Balance dandelion root per capsule, as well as multiple other vegetarian-friendly ingredients such as vitamin C and ginger root. Dandelion root is often used to promote the health of the liver and/or gallbladder, and is also used to help assist and facilitate the removal of bile for those who had the gallbladder removed.

It is also great to help ease discomfort as the result of consumption of fried foods, and can help reduce symptoms of gas after meals. Due to its value with respect to hormonal balance, some even use it to alleviate symptoms caused by PMS or menopause.

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As with any nutritional supplement, please consult with your health care professional before taking.