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The Digestive Enzyme Guide

What is a digestive enzyme?

Digestive enzymes are special proteins that break down nutrients from the food you eat, including proteins, amino acids, fatty acids, sugars, and starches. They are a vital part of your digestive system's ability to break down your food so that you can receive the nutrient benefits throughout the rest of your body through nutrients passed on in the bloodstream.

Where are digestive enzymes found in the human body?

In our digestive systems, the main areas where you'll find digestive enzymes are the oral cavity (i.e. your mouth), the stomach, small intestine, your salivary glands, and pancreas.

What are some of the digestive enzymes in my system?

  • Amylase: found in your saliva; breaks down carbohydrates
  • Pepsin: found in your stomach; the main gastric enzyme; breaks down proteins
  • Lactase: found in your small intestine; breaks down milk sugar
  • DPP IV: found in your small intestine; breaks down milk protein and other protein bonds
  • Disaccharides: found in your small intestine; breaks down some starches and sugars
  • Lipase: found in your small intestine; breaks down fatty acids

How are digestive enzymes produced?

Digestive Enzymes are produced regularly by your pancreas, but they occur in raw food and some microorganisms.

Is it safe to boost my digestive enzymes?

Yes. Enzymes have very specific functions in our body and are very well-known and characterized. As a result, we know that enzymes have far fewer side-effects than other compounds, supplements, or medications. Plus, your body also has natural enzyme inhibitors to help enzymes function properly and safely.

Can digestive enzymes be used to treat illness?

Only when prescribed by your doctor. Currently, the Food and Drug Administration approves several types of enzyme therapy for certain health conditions, like cardiovascular disorders and gastrointestinal conditions.

If I take a digestive enzyme, will I be healthier

Digestive enzymes work to improve your body's overall digestive system, so if you take a digestive enzymes supplement like EnzymeGenix, basically what you're doing is just giving your body a combination of digestive aids. You may feel less discomfort after eating, and maybe even fewer digestive issues as a result of taking a supplement like EnzymeGenix.

Where can I buy a digestive enzyme supplement? carries EnzymeGenix, a digestive aid that contains a combination of digestive enzymes, many of which are plant based. You can also talk to your doctor about other enzymes that may be right for you.