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Edema Support

If you beginning to experience frequent global edema or swelling of your face, arms, legs and body in general, it is past time to take action. Edema means that too much fluid is accumulating in your tissues. Any medical text will give you many end stage problems that will result in edema such as impending failure of your heart, lungs, kidneys etc.

At the first mild signs of edema is where we want to start the intervention. Your basic organ systems can respond quickly at this level. To see which systems are stressed you should begin with a blood test overview. This will give you insights as to where you should start to put the pieces back together.

One common sign of facial edema is some sort of antibody response. It could be allergy or an autoimmune reaction to something in the diet or something else in the environment. You may already suspect what the offending agent might be. Again testing will be the best way to see what is causing this stress. We work with Phamasan Labs for the IgE and some of the IgG tests.

The take home message is edema means it is time do some testing and help your body get back to a better state of homeostasis.

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