Enzyme Science Acid Calm 90c

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Product Description

Enzyme Science Acid Calm supports quick relief from acid-associated digestive distress, break down problem foods, helps strengthen the mucosal lining of the stomach by acting as a buffer to gastirc acid, soothe and cleanse the gut, nutrient absorption, and supports gut tissue.

Label Information

Dairy Free

Dairy Free

Gluten Free

Gluten Free

Soy Free

Soy Free

Enzyme Science Acid Calm Facts:

Serving Size: 1 capsule

Servings Per Container: 90

  • Zinc 2 mg (13%) (as Zinc Carnosine)
  • Marshmallow root 95 mg**
  • Papaya leaf 95 mg**
  • Gotu Kola 48 mg** (aerial)
  • Amylase Thera-blend 3,000 DU**
  • Zinc Carnosine 10 mg**
  • Cellulase Thera-blend 600 CU**
  • Lipase Thera-blend 200 FIP**
Percent Daily Values are bases on a 2,000 caloried diet

** Daily Value not established

100% vegetarian capsule (cellulose, water)

Take 1 capsule as needed, or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Contains No: egg, dairy, preservatives, salt, sucrose, soy, wheat, yeast, nuts, corn, gluten, casein, potato, rice, artificial colors or flavors.

Keep close in dry place; avoid excessive heat. Keep out of reach of children.