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Flu Shot Supplements

The purpose of this article is how you can decrease the probability of bad effects from flu shots. I personally have received reports of different reactions. Examples include: getting the flu within hours of a flu shot, a family member getting the flu after a different close family member getting vaccinated and getting reactions like migraine headaches and general malaise.

In another article we can talk about whether getting a flu shot is a good idea but for now let's assume that you are inclined to get one for your own reasons or are required to by your work.

I have had personal conversations with Irwin Stone, Archie Kalokerinos and Glenn Dettman some years ago on the topics of vaccines and vitamin C. These were my years working at the Institute for Medical Research in San Jose, CA. Irwin Stone researched vitamin C and was the one who shared his findings with Linus Pauling.

So I experimented with taking 6-8 grams of vitamin C a day. What I noticed is that the frequency of colds didn't really improve but the flu that I would get at least once a year disappeared. I continue to take 1 gram of C each night and morning and find that seems to be sufficient to eliminate getting the flu.

Kalokerinos and Dettman did most of their work with vitamin C and vaccines. It all began with research on sudden infant death and low vitamin C levels. Anyway what they found is that with adequate vitamin C levels, most of the negative reactions from vaccines that parents and researchers know about, would go away. Generally with routine vaccines of lab animals a certain percentage would get sick and some of those would actually die. With vitamin C supplements, that stopped. And of course, parents have reported various effects in their children after vaccines even though these have been improperly brushed aside by the medical profession.

Long story but I decided to try an allergy test and treatment that included injections. The person who does the injections is always surprised that I have no reactions to the shots as quite often people have to take Benedryl for a day or two and have a local reaction to the injection including redness, itching and swelling. I never have a reaction at all and I attribute that to keeping my vitamin C at decent levels.

Therefore if you elect to have a flu shot, you should make sure your vitamin C levels are up to the task by taking probably two or three grams per day for at least a couple of days before and several days after. A good option for C is Ecological Formulas Vitamin C-1000 From Tapioca. Most vitamin C on the market is corn derived which might be a problem for some people. The tapioca-derived vitamin C is still inexpensive and shouldn't trigger any allergy response.

We also recommend keeping glutathione and vitamin D levels up. I have written about both of these in other articles so I will refer you there. EuroMedica Clinical Glutathione has been shown to raise glutathione levels in humans over 200% in less than two weeks. Most people that we test need 10,000 to 15,000 IU's of vitamin D daily to keep their blood levels in a healthy range. We routinely recommend Thorne Research D-5000.

So before that flu shot, get your body ready by getting your vitamin C, vitamin C and glutathione levels in the range the will allow your body to deal with that stress.