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Food Sensitivity and Energy Clearing

Food Sensitivities and Energy Clearing

I am a big fan of energy techniques like TBM and NAET but only within the confines of their limitations. I studied TBM with Victor Frank, the developer starting in the early 1980's. Using his methods, I did have seen wonderful results with many types of allergies.

Food sensitivities are not allergies, however. I will give a brief summary only in this article. Allergies generally show a rapid response, that is within a few minutes after exposure. They are IgE mediated. Food sensitivities can take several days to reach a peak response and can take several months to calm down. They are IgA and IgG mediated responses.

NAET and Bioset are refinements of the allergy portion of TBM. If you suffer from multiple sensitivities, I highly recommend going through the program. Don't listen to the naysayers. As far as I know this has never been studied with sound scientific protocols but in the hands of a skilled practitioner it is great anyway.

I have seen these energy techniques completely eliminate food allergies. I mean to say that a person has a strong allergy to pineapple, for example and after a couple of treatments, the allergy is gone never to return again. This person can now eat pineapple with no reaction what-so-ever.

I hear energy practitioners sometimes say that even with gluten sensitivity and/or celiac disease that with energy clearing they can go back to eating wheat again. I think that is dangerous thinking.

I do believe that you can modulate some of the food sensitivity reactions but the notion of curing the food sensitivity doesn't pass the test of time in my experience and observation. I have been working on this for about 30 years and the food sensitivities come back and they usually come back worse.

The problem is the level of genetic involvement in the food sensitivity. It just isn't that easy with current knowledge to switch those genes off once they have been turned on. Some researchers estimate that 12 different genes are involved in gluten sensitivity. Gluten may be stimulating 100 different reactions in the body, 5 of which show up as symptoms. Maybe with your energy clearing you are able to alter or normalize 40 of those 100 reactions but 60 are still going and the major symptoms become quiet. Trouble is still brewing under the surface. For something as complex as gluten sensitivity or similar problems, it is better to err on the side of caution. With so many excellent gluten-free substitutes these days, it doesn't make sense to keep eating it.

I strongly support trying NAET, TBM or Bioset etc as long as you understand the limitations. These techniques can speed up the healing process from highly damaging foods like gluten.

Don't expect to achieve success with clearing every food. You will end up with foods being in several categories: those that you avoid completely forever, those that you can rotate in every few days to every few weeks and those that you can eat without problems. With these energy methods you should be able to move some of the foods in one category to another.

How do you know which is which is discussed in Food Sensitivity Diagnosis and Management.

The bottom line is that if you are dairy, soy and/or gluten sensitivy, go ahead and get some NAET or similar treatment (Bioset, TBM etc) for that and much of the inflammation and discomfort should improve. Don't reintroduce those foods as if you are now somehow invincible and immune to the negative effects. This is especially true for gluten sensitivity. There is just too much at stake with the negative effects of gluten and it can be at work killing you without you knowing it until it is too late.