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Food Sensitivity Categories

Food sensitivities can fall into different categories. It would be logical that if you have food sensitivities that you will have some foods that fall into each of these.

The first categorization refers to how often you can eat that particular food. Some foods you should never eat again. Some foods need to be eliminated for a couple of years and then you will be able to eat them again. Some foods will have to be rotated, that is you will be able to eat them a couple times a week at the most and then they won’t be an issue.

To use some examples, gluten sensitivity is usually in the first group. This would be a food that you would eliminate from your diet never to introduce again.

Strawberries might cause a reaction but if you don’t eat them for a couple of years, you might be able to reintroduce them without any restrictions.

Cheese made from cow’s milk might cause problems but only if you eat it every day. Once or twice a week gives your body a break so the reaction stays minimal.

These are only examples. Your particular foods and those reactions can certainly be unique to you.

We can also categorize foods by the type of antibody response. One type of antibody response is associated with allergic reactions. Allergic reactions are typically fairly rapid, that is a few minutes. Most people know which foods they are allergic too because the cause and effect is fairly obvious.

Another type of reaction is referred to as food sensitivity. Food sensitivities are much slower to show symptom problems. If you notice a symptom at all, it may be a day or two after ingestion. You can see how a sensitivity reaction would be harder to recognize. Also the range of possible symptoms from a sensitivity can be very diverse from a rash, sinus congestion or some sort of autoimmune disorder development like Type 1 Diabetes or Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

Often people with food sensitivities never get diagnosed or if they do, it is often after decades of symptoms.

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