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Gluten Sensitivity Cures?

I hear references to this or that treatment or drink that makes it possible to eat gluten again without paying the consequences. Given the genetic nature and the extent of the possible antibody reactions of the gluten sensitivity, this is highly doubtful. So if you think you have found the cure, run Cyrex Labs Arrays 3 and 4. If you are eating gluten containing foods and these tests come back positive, your body is still creating antibodies and problems will arise and you should still be on a gluten free diet. If these tests all come back negative even though you are challenging your body with gluten, then maybe you are truly in the clear. My problem with going by symptoms is that most disease processes proceed for many years before the symptoms appear. It is most likely that your energy treatments or your magic drink have succeeded in symptom suppression buy not actual disease elimination. Osteoporosis and dementia are a good examples. You won't have any symptoms until a good portion of tissue has been damaged.