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Supplements for the Gluten Sensitive

A person on a gluten free diet can reap some amazing benefits but beside the inconvenience, there is a small downside that is some easily corrected nutritional deficiencies

Some researchers have pointed out that the gluten sensitive tend to need a boost in basic antioxidants. This is probably due to some absorption problems and also due to extra damage from the increased antibody activity. The mechanisms are still being worked out but taking some basic steps will be helpful.

Most people, gluten sensitive or not, can benefit from some modest supplementation of antioxidants as they help with damage from toxins that are fairly common in our diet and environment these days. When we talk about antioxidants, we are referring to vitamin C, vitamin E, carnosine, glutathione, SOD and CoQ-10.

Instead of going through each of these one by one, I am going to refer you to another video on antioxidants Antioxidant Video

Membranes- The cell membrane controls what is in the cell and what stays outside. The traffic cops that control this flow are called receptors. Some researchers have pointed out that the most common type of receptor on the cell membrane is controlled by vitamin d. This information helps us appreciate how important vitamin D is to our basic cell health.

Over the years the amount of vitamin D recommended for optimal health keeps increasing. When I started practice in the early 1980's, we thought 500 IU's was a lot. Based on the information we have today, people looking for a therapeutic dose can do well with about 4000 IU's per day with 50,000 IU's once or twice a week.

The issue of toxicity is always on everybody's mind when we talk about these levels but we have not seen anyone half way to toxic levels on blood tests yet and often 5000 IU's a day doesn't get blood levels to healthy levels.

Magnesium- Gluten can interfere with the uptake of magnesium. Remember that magnesium is involved in at least 325 different chemical reactions each moment including neurotransmitter production and function.

If healthy 350 mg per day probably OK but if GS maybe need more. Low magnesium range of symptoms look suspiciously like the possible presentations of gluten sensitivity problems.

Research keeps showing importance of friendly bacteria that actually out number our human cells by 10:1. GS people often have compromised intestinal function along with bacteria issues. Taking one or two quality probiotic capsules a day can be a big help. Be sure to get your products from quality sources as these probiotic bacteria tend to experience something called genetic drift. That means that the bacteria you started with in the cultures can become something different in a year or two unless the genetic type is monitored.

People on a GFD tend to be low in zinc. That is easily remedied with a small zinc tablet once a day.

Bone health can be a problem for gluten sensitive people. Strontium can help for a couple of years but over time we recommend products by ZyCal. ZyCal specializes in bone support supplements with products such as Ostinol.

As of February 2014 we are recommending the following products to help with your supplement needs.

Thorne D-25,000

Nordic Naturals ProOmega 1000

ZyCal Ostinol

Thorne Magnesium Citramate

Thorne Zinc Picolinate