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Glysen-Synergy: Support Your Blood Sugar Balance

For those who want to simplify supplementation for blood sugar balance, there's a better way to manage your daily intake of important vitamins, herbs, and amino acids. Glysen-Synergy is a product from Apex Energetics that combines together several of its most popular supplements in easy to take along, easy to use packages. Each individual serving of supplements is packaged with the following:
  • Glysen
  • Adaptocrine
  • Fibromin
  • Protoglysen
When taken together, these four supplements work well together to support healthy blood sugar balance, as well as healthy insulin receptor sensitivity. The formulas used in Glysen-Synergy also support healthy adrenal feedback loop function, as they contain a broad spectrum of herbal adaptogens that are known for their ability to help our bodies’ better cope. Glysen-Synergy contains plant-based enzymes to further support sugar metabolism and to round out the formulas, a healthy dose of fiber, to improve overall health.

The ingredients found in these four supplements have long been used or studied for their effectiveness. When you take Glysen-Synergy, you're getting the health benefits of:
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin B (B12, Thiamine, Riboflavin, B6, Niacin)
  • Folate
  • Minerals (Zinc, Magnesium, Selenium, Manganese, Chromium)
  • Pantothenic Acid
  • Biotin
  • Flaxseed Bran
  • N-Acetyl L-Cystine
  • Bitter Melon Extract
  • Panax Ginseng root extract
  • Ashwagandha root extract
  • Holy Basil Extract
  • Enzymes (cellulase, peptidase, glucomylase, maltase, etc.)
All of these ingredients, found in the supplements in each serving, work together to support blood sugar balance, boost our bodies' abilities to effectively respond to stress – physically and mentally, keep our hypothalamic-adrenal-pituitary axis in balance, support healthy blood sugar metabolism, and boost healthy fat metabolism by supporting healthy insulin receptor sensitivity, which is especially important in weight management programs.

If you're not sure Glysen-Synergy is for you, give us a call and we'd be happy to offer free advice and nutritional counseling. If you already take the supplements listed above, then you know this formula can work well for you. Switching to Glysen-Synergy for supplementation can help you manage dosage and keep your supplements compact and together while on the go. Plus, if you're interested in trying an integrated formula like this one, this is a great opportunity to see all four of these supplements in action.

Give us a call to learn more about Glysen-Synergy and how it can help.

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