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How Do I Know Which Supplement I Need?

How Do I Know Which Supplement I Need? What's the best way to determine which supplements will be helpful? Excellent question. I put supplements in two basic categories, those that are good for just about everyone for universal health needs and those specific for you at this time. Examples of more universal supplements are Vitamins D, E C, B Vitamins, fish or krill oil and the like. Examples of the specific supplements might help with lowering cholesterol, supporting adrenal function, general brain function and neurotransmitter support. To know which of the specific ones would be helpful, your health care professional will have to know something about your clinical picture and that includes blood, urine, saliva and now genetic testing. The more information available, the better the probability of finding what will work for you. Some health care professionals use applied kinesiology or AK to decide what you need. I like AK and use it myself. We have a couple of issues with AK, however. One is that it is only accurate at that moment. AK results can be different an hour from now. Number two is that AK is very much dependent on the intention and concepts held in the mind of the person doing the testing. We have no way of knowing what your practitioner is checking for when he or she tests a supplement with AK and neither do you. Some of these concepts and intentions are subconscious. Recommendations? Use clinical picture and objective testing for picking direction of therapy. Use AK to fine tune the treatment only.