Jigsaw Health Basic Packets 30 packets

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Product Description

Jigsaw Health Basic Packets maintains total body health, protects from the effects of day-to-day free radical exposure, promotes healthy, restful sleep, supports the cardiovascular system, healthy vision and eye function, healthy metabolism/energy production, healthy digestive system, healthy hormonal balance, healthy nervous system, and supports a healthy immune response. Also maintains mental and emotional well-being, enhance focus and promote a healthy stress response, supports mental clarity, Promotes healthy respiratory function, maintain healthy bones, joints, and cartilage, healthy blood glucose levels within normal range, healthy cholesterol levels within normal range, and maintains healthy blood pressure levels within normal range.
Recommended Use: To replenish essential nutrients, Take 1 packet daily, take with food, or use as directed by a healthcare professional.

Label Information

Jigsaw Health Basic Packets Facts:

1 packet contains:

  • Total Fat 3 g
  • Saturated Fat .5 g
  • Cholesterol 15 g
  • Protein 1 g
  • Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate and Naturally Occuring) 1,065 mcg
  • Vitamin C (as Pureway-C) 1,000 mg
  • Vitamin D (100% naturally occuring) 2.26 mcg
  • Vitamin E (as D-Alpha Tocopherol Succinate) 34 mg
  • Vitamin B1 (as Benfotiamine) 25 mg
  • Vitamin B2 (as Riboflavin-5-Phosphate Sodium) 25 mg
  • Vitamin B3 (as Niacinamide) 15 mg
  • Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate Monohydrate) 28.8 mg
  • Folate (as Quatrefolic 5-Methyl Tetrahydrofolic Acid Glucosamine Salt) 350 mcg
  • Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin) 254.5 mcg
  • D-Biotin (Vitamin H) 500 mcg
  • Vitamin B5 (as Calcium D-Pantothenate) 125 mg
  • Iodine (as Potassium Iodide) 150 mcg
  • Magnesium (as Dimagnesium Malate) Albion 375 mg
  • Zinc (as Zinc Bisglycinate Chelate) TRAACS 15 mg
  • Selenium (from Selenium Glycinate Complex) 400 mcg
  • Copper (as Copper Bisglycinate Chelate) TRAACS 2 mg
  • Manganese (as Manganese Bisglycinate Chelate) TRAACS 2 mg
  • Chromium (as Chromium Nicotinate Glycinate Chelate) TRAACS 400 mcg
  • Molybdenum (as Molybdenum Glycinate Chelate) TRAACS 150 mcg
  • Choline (as VitaCholine Choline Bitartrate) 60 mg
  • Inositol 75 mg
  • Para Aminobenxoic Acid (PABA) 15 mg
  • L-Lysine (as Hydrochloride) 100 mg
  • Quercetin Phytosome (from Sophora japonica L.) and lecithin (as Quercefit)(NLT 34% Quercetin) 15 mg
  • Malic Acid (as Dimagnesium Malate) 1,077 mg
  • Alaska Cod Liver Oil: 2,400 mg
  • Total Omega-3 Fatty Acids 500 mg
  • EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) 200 mg
  • DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) 200 mg
  • DPA (Docosapentaenoic Acid) 20 mg
  • Total Pro-Resolving Mediators 20 mcg
  • Curcumin C3 Complex (NLT 95% Total Curcuminoids)(Curcuma Longa)(Rhizomes) 500 mg
  • Grape Seed Extract 75 mg
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract 75 mg
  • Pomegranate Extract 75 mg
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid 75 mg
  • Cranberry Juice Extract 50 mg
  • Acai Berry Extract 4:1 50 mg
  • Lycopene 2.5 mg
  • Lutein 1.5 mg
  • ConcenTrace MCC 5 mg
Other Ingredients: vegetable capsule, fish gelatin (catfish, talpia, microcrystalline cellulose, modified cellulose, purified water, glycerin, brown rice flour, croscarmellose sodium, white rice flour, magnesium stearate, L-Leucine, citrus bioflavonoids, fatty acids, silicon dioxide, clear coating, stearic acid, organic nu-flow, silica, Guar Gum, xanthan gum, organic Nu-Mag, lecithin, maltodextrin, tocopherols, micro wax.