Karuna HCl-Pepsin 100c

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Product Description

Karuna HCl-Pepsin is formulated to aid in efficient digestion especially for those over 40. We often see signs of low HCl in a blood test as low protein and iron or B vitamin anemia. Symptoms of low HCl might be digestive upset with bloating and belching. Secretion of hydrochloric acid diminishes with age, and older adults have low stomach acid.
  • Supports digestion
Hypochlorhydria and achlorhydria are associated with faulty digestion, impaired absorption of several vitamins and minerals, excessive absorption of food antigens, and disruptions of intestinal pH that unfavorably impact populations of gut flora. HCl-Pepsin provides betaine and glutamic hydrochloride which release hydrochloric acid at a rate which approximates that of normal physiological secretion. HCl-Pepsin contains betaine HCl and glutamic HCl which help acidify the gastric contents, creating a favorable environment for the proteolytic action of pepsin. Pepsin initiates protein digestion after a meal, facilitating the complete digestion and absorption of this important macronutrient.

Suggested use for adults: One or more capsules, taken with meals, or as directed.

Warning: patients with active peptic ulcer should use HCl products with caution.

Label Information

Karuna HCl-Pepsin Facts:

One capsule provides:

  • Betaine HCL 550 mg
  • Pepsin (1:3,000)(gastric phase) 175 mg
  • Glutamine Acid HCL 100 mg

Also includes: gelatin capsule.