Karuna Yin Chiao Extract 2oz

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Product Description

Karuna Yin Chiao Extract contains yin qiao, honeysuckle, forsythe, platycodon, burdock and other ingredients to support the immune system, modulate inflammatory response and inflammatory pathways.

Recommended use: 1 droppper full (roughly 40 drops), 3 times daily, for 2-3 weeks, or as directed by a healthcare professional. Allow one week break before resuming.

Label Information

Karuna Yin Chiao Extract Facts:

40 Drops contain:

  • Traditional Yin Chiao Formula 164mg *
    • 5:1 Concentrated Herbal Extract:
      • Forsythe (fruit)(Lian-qiao)
      • Japanese Honeysuckle (flower)(Jin-yin-hua)
      • Burdock (fruit)(Nu-bang-zi)
      • Chinese mint (herb)(Bo-he)
      • Platycodon (root)(Jie-geng)
      • Chinese licorice (root)(Gan-cao)
      • Phragmites (rhizome)(Lu-gen)
      • Soy (bean)(Dan-Dou-chi)
      • Lophaterum herb (Dan-Zhu-ye)
      • Schizonepeta (herb)(Jing-je)

Other ingredients: purified water, alcohol 25%, honey, vegetable glycerin.