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Detox with Glutathione: The Natural Antioxidant

Did you know that each and every day your body is exposed to small but potentially harmful amounts of toxins? These can be commonly occurring pollutants like methane and carbon monoxide or some of the many lesser known pollutants entering your body, which don't register.

Where are all these toxins coming from?

From the air you breathe to each and every meal you eat, every day you are gradually consuming toxins that are slowly eating away at your immunity.

Wellness critics warn about the dangers of processed foods which are present nearly everywhere - in restaurants, markets and even your kitchen pantry. Many people don't consider how high their intake of highly processed sugar and white flour is, but most foods and meals contain some ingredient that has been highly processed, genetically modified or chemically treated. The final product or meal will then contain some amount of toxins or chemical from that process, such as food additives. As for the water we drink, there are harmful agents entering the body there too, so filtering systems are an absolute necessity.

Do you eat fresh produce? Toxins are also found at supermarkets. Unless you buy organic, most produce and fruits on store shelves have been heavily treated with pesticides. What should be a healthy, fresh from the store snack is actually coated in toxins that don't come completely off with a rinse. Some foods have even higher levels of pesticides, such as peaches, strawberries, or other soft-skinned fruits and vegetables.

What can you do about environmental toxins?

Glutathione is the body's natural response to dealing with these toxins. Sometimes the body does need additional glutathione, whether to combat additional intake of toxins or a lack of glutathione produced in the body due to cancer or environmental issues.

One way many people avoid these toxins is by following a vegan lifestyle. Going vegan isn't right for everyone, but you can also boost your body's natural glutathione with a LifeWave Glutathione Supplement Patch. The LifeWave Patch stimulates your body's natural process to produce more natural antioxidants, which can then help you fight off the toxins you come in contact with so frequently.

When your body produces more glutathione, you usually have a higher sense of well being and with the help of glutathione supplements you can up your glutathione levels. At we offer many different ways to supplement your glutathione levels so that you can defend yourself against toxins, whether or not you decide to pursue a fully vegan or organic lifestyle. You can supplement your body's natural glutathione production using our glutathione capsules, topical gels and supplement patches. It's up to you! Check out our glutathione supplements to learn more about how you can prepare your body to defend itself against common toxins.