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Know the Basics of Leaky Gut Syndrome

If you suffer from increased intestinal permeability, better known as leaky gut syndrome, then you are more than familiar with the symptoms and have probably tried multiple treatments to help control it. Thought to be caused by increased permeability of the gut wall as a result of poor diet, toxins, parasites, infection or medications, leaky gut syndrome is not an actually something commonly diagnosed. In fact, many people who suffer from leaky gut syndrome are frustrated by not having their conditions recognized by some medical practitioners.

While leaky gut may still be something of a medical mystery, the bloating, the cramps, the food sensitivities and aches and pains are all symptoms associated with the syndrome. The proposed cause of leaky gut syndrome, increased intestinal permeability, can occur when tight junctions in your gut don't work properly. The main issue when it comes to leaky gut syndrome is that the common symptoms are often shared by other problems, so a diagnosis is hard to make, which results in people who may suffer from this symptom to be left untreated.

Since the diagnosis for leaky gut syndrome is difficult, the treatment path can be just as challenging. However, in most cases, the best courses of action are combination or altering diet and taking certain supplements, including probiotics, nystatin and B12 to repair some of the intestinal damage and encourage a healthier digestive tract overall. With diet, those suffering from leaky gut should look at diets that illuminate allergens or inflammatory foods. Gluten-free diets, casein-free diets, antifungal diets and low-sugar diets may all be a good fit for leaky gut, depending on one's specific nutritional needs. If at any point you're unsure of what type of diet may be best for you, ask a trusted healthcare professional or feel free to contact us for free nutritional counseling.

There are many supplements that can relieve leaky gut syndrome symptoms, most of which can be found at Turmero Active K75, NEI-Recolonize-1 and Glutamine Forte are just a few of the supplements that are well-suited to supporting better digestive health and immune system health overall. These supplements and more all battle leaky gut syndrome symptoms by improving overall gut health so that the brain and immune system can properly function, thus bringing much needed relief.

While a proper diet and supplements can certainly play a big role in controlling symptoms of leaky gut syndrome, one should always consult with a trusted healthcare professional for a personalized treatment plan. And again, if at any point you have any questions about leaky gut syndrome and how to get started with addressing your symptoms, feel free to call us at 1-877-465-0844 or you can visit our Intestinal Repair Basics page to learn more.