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LifeWave Energy Patches Video

Energy Patches by LifeWave are small, band-aid type patches that interact with the body's own energy system to help produce more energy, both mental and physical in a safe and effective manner. The patches are made of organic compounds that are sealed in a hypo-allergenic patch. No chemicals enter the body. They work more like an acupuncture treatment. You will put a brown patch on the left side of the body and a white one on the right side of the body and within seconds they begin to work. These are used by anyone desiring a longer-lasting energy. Many top athletes have found that the Energy Patches give them a remarkable edge. One set of patches lasts about 18 hours. Each package contains 15 sets. LifeWave Energy Patches, like all LifeWave Patches, come with an instruction sheet describing recommended use and placement.

Energy Patches