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LifeWave Patches for More Energy

Do you wish you had more energy when the afternoon slump rolls around? Or that you had the ability to sleep better? Maybe your body just needs a little extra boost to help you through a dieting plan. What your body needs, it should get. LifeWave Patches are designed to help your body get those nutrients and energies that is needs most.

Are you looking for help in losing weight?

The SP6 Complete LifeWave Patches are designed with a special regime of appetite control nanotechnology. SP6 Complete LifeWave Patches targets the hypothalamus to train your body to keep a healthier appetite level.

Do you need fast relief and easy energy?

You might be thinking, sure these treatments are great, but what if you don't need help with larger nutrition and body processes? Well LifeWave Patches are not just for serious treatments; the patches can also be targeted for individualized use to help with energy loss and pain relief. The LifeWave Energy Enhancer Patches come in small, band aid sizes which can be worn under the clothes for an all day energy boost. These organically designed patches can also be used to encourage better performance during an athletic event.

A LifeWave Patch will also help with your many other day to day needs. If you commonly experience painful aches and sores, then a well placed LifeWave IceWave Patch will provide you with the cooling relief to lower inflammation and relax tense muscles. The white and tan ice wave patches are placed in strategic places to channel the body's energies and help to fight inflamed joints or injured muscles within minutes.

How do the patches work?

LifeWave Patches are not complicated to use and are easy to place with simple self adhesive backing. When you receive your LifeWave Patches you'll also get instructions specifying how to use the patches, explaining proper placement and frequency. Think of LifeWave Patches as the less complicated cousin of acupuncture. There's no guesswork involved, each placement of a patch is done to stimulate and direct your body's energy with nanoscience technology.

LifeWave Patches are safe and easy adhesives that any person can use, but apply the same methods and principals of stimulation and flow from the oriental healing practice of acupuncture.