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Lithium Orotate

Elemental lithium is an essential trace mineral. We routinely recommend lithium orotate in small doses to ensure that the body has enough to help move vitamin B12 into cells where it can be used. Lithium is used in salts like lithium citrate and also in compounds like lithium carbonate to treat psychiatric issues like depression, bipolar disorder and suicidal tendencies. One brand that we stock is Complementary Prescriptions Lithium Orotate from ProThera. This particular item contains 53 mg of lithium orotate that provides 4.8 mg of lithium per capsule. Usually we recommend one or two capsules per day to help with the B12 utilization.

Complementary Lithium Orotate is only available as a phone order item. That's why you can't find it in Shop by Brand.

Lithium orotate has been used as a natural anti-viral and along those lines we have read reports that it can be helpful in controlling the herpes viruses. We also read report of effectiveness in helping control fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and autism. It has also been reported that if a kid tends to head butt or put pressure on you with his or her head that they are experiencing mild swelling of the brain that is thought to be related to a herpes infection. In children the effective dose may be as low as 2-5 mg. per day. Start low and go up slow to see how your child responds. Lithium Orotate is a most bioavailable form. If your child has mood swings or is aggressive, this may help.

DO NOT BOTHER checking Lithium levels. Checking serum Lithium levels is not helpful. Lithium level in a lab report is a serum lithium range ONLY meant for people getting prescription strength lithium. The trace doses needed to support B12 and help with issues mentioned above won't show in a lab test.

  • Lithium is thought to stabilize SEROTONIN transmission in the nervous system
  • Lithium influences SODIUM TRASPORT
  • Lithium may increase lymphocytic (WHITE BLOOD CELLS) proliferation to support immune activity
  • Lithium depresses suppressor cell activity thereby supporting immune system function
  • Lithium helps TRANSPORT folate and Vitamin B12 into cells