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Metabolic Syndrome Introduction

You may have heard references to metabolic syndrome. Since this currently affects about 1 in 5 adults in the US and since this frequency is increasing you either need to know about this for yourself or for somebody you know.

Metabolic Syndrome is a collection of problems that include: central obesity, elevated triglycerides, lowered HDL cholesterol, elevated blood pressure, elevated fasting glucose and elevated blood insulin. There is some disagreement among different associations about the actual blood test numbers but here at we don't think you should wait until numbers reach those levels before taking action. Remember that there are two ranges for blood test values, pathological and the healthy range. We like to begin correction when the value begins to drift out of the healthy range. In medicine the tendency is to wait until it becomes pathological and then prescribe the appropriate drug or drugs.

The key to understanding metabolic syndrome like so many chronic problems is always inflammation. Several factors can cause inflammation including dietary gluten, heavy metals, inappropriate combinations of dietary fats including trans-fats AKA partially hydrogenated fats, lack of EPA and DHA and other omega 3 fatty acids, carbohydrate rich diet, lack of exercise and a genetic predisposition.

I know I sound like a broken record when it comes to gluten but I will have to continue to stress gluten awareness until everybody understands the magnitude and severity of the problem. I recommend a genetic and antibody testing for all people with chronic illnesses to rule out this overwhelmingly common factor.

All of these factors mentioned above affect the cell's ability to appropriately move nutrients in and waste products out. This is like having poor security at a junior high dance. The wrong people get in and the kids who are supposed to stay in can get out. As this process continues, eventually you have a complete breakdown and no longer have a functioning junior high dance anymore.

The cell membrane requires quality fats to help make up the cell's security. Heavy metals get stuck in the cell membrane and short out some of the electrical charge. These heavy metals can also interfere with energy production in the cell. Gluten interferes with the body's immune system and antibodies that are designed to attack intruders begin attacking the pancreas, liver, blood vessels and also the cell membranes.

The body loses its ability to properly handle blood glucose or blood sugar and some of that extra gets sent to pathways to make more triglycerides. Antibody attacks on the brain and blood vessels tend to raise blood pressure. Poor cell security won't let insulin move glucose into the cell so the body produces more insulin as blood sugar rises. This insulin is actually a seriously inflammatory agent on its own.

Exercise can negate some of these effects as it can move glucose into the cell without insulin but obviously can't fix poor dietary fat intake, heavy metals and won't counteract the effects of gluten sensitivity.

Metabolic Syndrome is a deadly combo so you would be wise to take steps to avoid this if possible. We have some wonderful supplements that will be helpful.

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