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Super Greens Strawberry/Kiwi
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Super Greens Strawberry/Kiwi 300 grams (10.6 oz)

Item #: NBSuprGreensStrawKiwi
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Neurobiologix Super Greens Strawberry/Kiwi blend of natural vitamins, ionic trace minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, phyto-nutrients and symbiotic intestinal flora for good digestion. Whole food plant extracts. Supports energy, metabolism, fat burning, digestion, detoxification, immunity, repair, recovery, revitalization and longevity. ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) is a method of measuring antioxidant capacities of different foods. Antioxidants are essential to good health. High antioxidant capacity is believed to play an important role in the elimination of free radicals, a major part of the theory of anti-aging and in the achievement of physiological balance. Each scoop of Super Greens Plus with 20,000+ ORAC is guaranteed by assay to provide the antioxidant power of 20+ servings of fruits and vegetables.
Recommended Use: Add 1 scoop of Super Greens to 8 ounces of water, juice or beverage of choice and stir. After opening KEEP REFRIGERATED for maximum freshness.
Neurobiologix Super Greens Strawberry/Kiwi Facts:

1 capsule contains:

  • Calories 40
  • Total Fat 0 g
  • Cholesterol 0 g
  • Sodium 20 mg
  • Total Carbohydrates 9 g
  • Dietary Fiber 1 g
  • Sugar (not added) 3 g
  • Protein 0 g
  • Vitamin A (beta-carotene) 1% DV
  • Vitamin C 200% DV
  • Calcium 2% DV
  • Iron 10% DV
  • Fruit Antioxidant Blend 2415 mg
  • Berry Antioxidant Blend 2075 mg
  • Antioxidant Blend 1630 mg
  • Fiber Blend 1710 mg
  • Digestive Enzymes 2170 mg
    See detailed contents below.
  • Fruit Antioxidant Blend
    Certified Organic pomegranate, plums, papaya fruit, kiwi, watermelon, Certified Organic ašai, pomegranate extract, mangosteen, noni juice extract, gogi extract, quercetin, non-alcoholic red wine extract, red grape seed extract, resveratrol (25% extract), ascorbic acid (vitamin C), bromelain (800 GDU/GM), tumeric extract, milk thistle (80% silymarin), ginger root.
  • Berry Antioxidant Blend
    Certified Organic raspberry, Certified Organic bilberry, Certified Organic goji berry, black raspberry, red raspberry, black berry extract, black cherry extract, blueberry leaf extract cranberry, bilberry extract, strawberry.
  • Antioxidant Blend
    Certified Organic spirulina, alfalfa, Certified Organic ionic trace minerals, chlorella (Japanese cracked wall cell), decaffeinated green tea extract, kelp, broccoli, kale, carrots, radish, purple cabbage, red beet root, Certified Organic acerola, aloe vera, parsley, spinach.
  • Fiber Blend
    Prune extract, aloe leaf, apple pectin, oat beta glucan.
  • Digestive Enzymes
    Protease, amylase, lipase, cellulase, lactase, papain, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei, Bifidobacterium breve, Bifidobacterium rhamnosus, fructooligosaccharides.
Other Ingredients: Stevia, citric acid, natural strawberry flavor and natural kiwi flavor.
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