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Meet Nitric Oxide, A Molecule Of The Year!

Nitric oxide (chemical formula NO and also known as nitrogen monoxide) is an interesting chemical compound that can be a blessing and a curse. You may automatically hear nitric oxide and think of fumes from vehicles or power plants, and you would be correct, as it can be an air pollutant. However, as peculiar as it may sound, this molecule plays a very important positive role within many living things, including humans.

Nitric oxide is considered a "messenger molecule" because of its unique quality to signal the lining of blood vessels to relax, thus promoting blood flow. This can be particularly beneficial for problems related to neurology, immunology and cardiology.

In fact, nitric oxide is a sort of celebrity in the world of physiology. In 1992, the respected journal Science recognized nitric oxide as "Molecule of the Year"! (This award is now known as "Breakthrough of the Year" and is regarded as one of the highest recognitions in science.)

Nitric Balance from Apex Energetics is formulated to help balance nitric oxide levels in the body, and to help combat conditions related to blood flow issues, inflammation problems and tissue repair.

In addition, more and more is being learned about gluten intolerance and Celiac disease, conditions which are known to be linked to many auto-immune disorders, and we recommend the use of Apex Energetics Nitric Balance to help counteract such afflictions as well.

We know that deficiencies of key vitamins, minerals and other nutrients can be a bad thing, but it is important to keep in mind that too much can be detrimental as well. That's why it is critical to use only as directed, and always pose any concerns to your health care professional.

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