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Nordic Naturals ProDHA: Caring for Your Brain with DHA

DHA, docosahexaenoic acid, is a primary structural component in the cerebral cortex of the brain. It is a long-chain polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acid. DHA is one of the good structural fats in your body. It makes its way straight to the brain tissues to enable them to function normally and at their optimum level.

A Source of Nutrition: DHA must be replenished throughout the life of the brain, just like vitamins or minerals need replenishing. Since the typical American diet of high processed foods does not contain enough DHA to promote a healthy developed brain, a supplement such as Nordic Naturals ProDHA is a necessity for many, and it should be seriously considered.

Herein, we are focusing on the benefits of DHA in the brain. It should be noted that DHA is an important source of nutrition for the eyes, heart and other parts of the nervous system, as well.

DHA Facts: The cells of the brain, retina and heart develop and function properly when DHA is plentiful. Approximately 97 percent of the omega-3 fatty acids in the brain consist of DHA. Likewise, close to 93 percent of the omega-3 fatty acids in the retina are accounted for by DHA. It is also a significant component of the heart. Another interesting fact is that DHA is a key ingredient of breast milk.

Nordic Naturals

When searching for the right DHA supplement, the product closest to nature is the wisest choice. Therefore, it is important to read the label. Nordic Naturals ProDHA is formulated to provide DHA in its natural triglyceride form. Unlike other compounds that require your body to reconstruct DHA to be effective, this formula provides the fatty acid DHA that your body can utilize easily.

Research indicates that Nordic Naturals ProDHA can attain the following benefits:

  • support a healthy mood
  • improve learning ability
  • promote mental health
  • reduce the risk of neurological and cognitive disorders
  • improve memory
Studies prove that adding exercise significantly enhances the above benefits.

Ingredients: Nordic Naturals ProDHA is highly concentrated with a carefully structured formula. It comes in strawberry flavored gels and provides 500 mg of DHA. The gels are soft and half the size of standard soft gels. This makes them easier to swallow. This supplement is also recommended for children, teenagers and pregnant women.

Nordic Naturals Pro DHA 1000

If you are interested in a more potent type of Nordic Naturals ProDHA, Nordic Naturals Pro DHA 1000 may be for you. This formula contains an increased DHA potency. It also comes in the soft gels, with the 100 percent strawberry essence for a pleasant fruity taste. Each capsule has 900 mg of DHA. Many people want to maximize the benefits of DHA. This 900 mg. supplement should do it.

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Medical professionals and research institutions choose Nordic Naturals repeatedly because their products have upheld the highest standards of purity, freshness and concentration. All of Nordic Natural's products are backed by strong and thorough research.