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Nordic Naturals ProOmega and ProOmega Probiotics Supplements

We've been hearing about the power of fish and fish oil for years. In Mediterranean diets, we often see higher intake of fish, which can in turn lead to better cardiovascular health, longevity, and even the ability to combat certain health conditions. Additionally, research shows that fish oil can help with the heart, the brain, joints, and many other body systems. We all could do with taking a daily fish oil supplement and at, we provide some of the best fish oils available. But besides taking a daily fish oil supplement, we can also benefit from adding a healthy dose of probiotics to our diets. Probiotics are shown to encourage healthier gut flora, which can in turn support good digestion, boosted immunity, and just a sense of feeling better. Fish oil and probiotics are combined in a wonderful supplement called ProOmega Probiotics by Nordic Naturals. It's a daily supplement that anyone can benefit from and it's one that we're proud to carry.

Why Nordic Naturals ProOmega Probiotics?
Many of our fish oil supplements are made by Nordic Naturals, a leading maker of quality fish oil and fish oil products. Nordic Naturals puts a real focus on quality, so you know you're getting a fish oil that's at its highest level of purity. In fact, Nordic Naturals has all of its products third-party assayed to ensure the highest standards. Every batch is looked at closely to make sure that contaminants are reduced to the lowest levels of any fish oil available in the world today. To put it simply, if you want the purest fish oils, you want Nordic Naturals.

But besides offering quality fish oil supplements, Nordic Naturals also recognizes the benefits of probiotics and how it can work together with the power of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s and probiotics, when taken in conjunction of each other, can support a healthier digestive system and aid in the reduction of inflammation. In Nordic Naturals ProOmega Probiotics, fish oil soft gels provide the purest form of omega-3 fatty acids available in the world today, plus a dose of Bacillus coagularis. With the power of fish oil and probiotics, you can start feeling better naturally.

Already Taking a Probiotic Supplement?
If you're already taking a probiotic that you're happy with, not to worry. At, we also carry Nordic Naturals ProOmega fish oils without the additional probiotics so that you can still get a high quality dose of omegas. Taking a daily fish oil supplement can make a real difference in your health as well as the way you feel. Many people report a greater sense of focus, improved energy, and of course, the cardiovascular benefits that research has shown. We highly recommend everyone take a daily dose of Nordic Naturals ProOmega along with a healthy diet and exercise to achieve the best quality of life possible.

Have questions about Nordic Naturals ProOmega or ProOmega Probiotic supplements? Contact us for more information. We can confidently say that Nordic Naturals ProOmega fish oils are some of the finest supplements available.