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Product Description

ArteClear Circulation 2 provides the user with a healthier cardiovascular system by improving circulation and overall vitality and health.

Recommended use: As directed by your healthcare professional.

Label Information

ArteClear Circulation 2 Facts:
  • 535 mg per capsule
  • Cardio-Tonic Effect:Arjuna bark
  • Asian ginseng root Ren Shen (white) jin lin med
  • Rhodiola root Hong Jing Tian
  • Tienchi ginseng root Tian Qi
Enhance Blood Circulation:
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Chinese Crataegus fruit Shan Zha
  • Chinese salvia root Dan Shen
  • Asian ginseng root Ren Shen (white) jinlin med:Bioperine Trademark of Sabinsa Corp
  • Camphor bark Zhang Nao
  • Fo-ti root He Shou Wu
  • Resveratrol 20%
  • Rhodiola root Hong Jing Tian