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Probiotic Supplements: Some of Our Favorites

In many of our health and product resources, we've expanded on the benefits of probiotic supplements and how they can contribute to your overall level of wellness. If you haven't seen some of these resources, you can here:

In addition to these resources, we also supply our customers with a variety of probiotic supplements to help them up their intake of probiotics and bring balance to their bodies naturally. If you're looking to add more probiotics to your body, here are some of our most popular - and favorite - products that contain friendly bacteria designed to help you improve digestion as well as many other common bodily functions:

Biotics BioDoph: This probiotic supplement from our selection is designed to balance intestinal flora using seven different types of friendly-bacteria, along with beneficial herbs like Marshmallow root extract and Inulin.

Strengtia Probiotics: Made by Apex Energetics, Strengtia probiotic supplements offer your body a great source of good bacteria to support intestinal health, brain health, endocrine balance, and immune function. All of these processes and more depend on the right balance of bacteria and Strengtia works by providing a unique blend of probiotics. One of our most popular products.

Nordic Naturals ProOmega Probiotic Supplement: This wonderful Nordic Naturals supplement provides a perfect blend of essential fatty acids along with probiotics to support good intestinal health, reduced inflammation, and a stronger immune system. Contains ingredients including DHA, EPA, vitamin E, purified deep sea fish oil, rosemary extract, natural lemon oil, and several friendly bacteria.

Total YST Redux: This probiotic supplement from Nutri-West is designed to help control candida, yeast, and fungus in the body by providing your system with beneficial probiotics, as well as Aloe Vera, capryilic acid, and citrus seed.

NeuroScience NEI Recolonize 1 &2: As part of the NEI GI Repair Kit, probiotic supplements Recolonize 1 and Recolonize 2 contain a variety of gut flora to help you bring back balance to your intestines after repairing damage to the intestinal barrier. Recolonize 1 is best to take when you are taking antibiotics because it can tolerate the antibiotic and still work. Plus, Recolonize 1 supplements are some of the best out there to rebuild intestinal bacteria after you complete an antibiotic round!

To learn more about probiotics, check out our health resources and product resources sections or feel free to give us a call at 1-877-465-0844.