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Pure Encapsulations Supplements Offer Micro-Nutrients

Finding quality supplements is often difficult for those attempting to treat their own health problems. Many vitamins, minerals and other micro-nutrients are available cheaply in grocery stores and from bulk sellers. However, are those substances in the most bioavailable format? Are they encapsulated safely in a format that is safe for those with allergies?

Explore the options from Pure Encapsulations supplements, which are made with your specific health concerns in mind and are complete hypo-allergenic to ensure your comfort and safety.

Pure Encapsulations offers a variety of supplements that feature herbs, vitamins, minerals, and even micro-nutrients that may not be as well known, but are still very important.

For example, these micro-nutrients address a number of health issues, and they are not known very well outside of the highly specialized supplement market. If you see how one of these might be of benefit, keep reading to learn why Pure Encapsulations supplements are the best on the market in terms of bioavailability and purity.

Indications for Strontium, Melatonin and Lycopene

Many supplements have been suggested to combat bone loss. Strontium citrate is one that is backed by research. This micro-nutrient is taken into the body in the same manner as calcium, and it should not be taken within two hours of calcium supplementation due to competition. Strontium is an element found in all healthy bones and teeth.

Melatonin is a hormone produced naturally in the body for sleep regulation. Production is partly governed by light, but the chemical is also found in many foods. Synthetic melatonin is useful for those with unusual sleep schedules and for correcting insomnia. Some physicians may suggest timed administration of the hormone for treatment of depression. Pure Encapsulations supplements provide an additive-free and easily absorbed source of melatonin.

Lycopene is another substance made naturally in the body. It is also found in tomatoes and some other foods. The chemical has been shown to have affects on heart health, risk of cancer and risk of eye diseases. Those with lower lycopene levels may benefit from supplementation.

Pure Encapsulations Supplements Excellence in Manufacturing

Purity is a central concern with all supplements. Magnesium stearate, artificial ingredients and known allergens can reduce uptake and even exacerbate health problems. That's why Pure Encapsulations supplements maintains a pristine facility and the highest standards of quality control and pure supplement design. They backup their policies with an open invitation for inspections by all customers without prior arrangement. What other company can do that?!

At, we stand by the quality and benefit of Pure Encapsulations. Not sure which supplements from the line you need? Call us and we'd be happy to answer your questions!