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The basic discussion of reproduction will usually want to hit on a few areas, fertility, libido and quality of the menstrual cycle.

A couple can spend an amazing amount of money to try to conceive. Some friends in a distant State went through this incredible cycle of anxiety until they found a practitioner who helped them work through the inflammation issues and related autoimmune problems. The primary tool used was an elimination diet, that is eliminating everything that might contribute to inflammation like wheat, for example. For a more complete discussion of inflammation see Health Resources: Inflammation Basics.

Libido is a big deal when you had it and now it's waning or gone. You would think a declining libido would be obvious but often it happens so slowly you don't notice until it has dropped dramatically. Libido is an expression of brain function. In this case, brain function is highly dependent on hormone levels. It is these hormone levels that switch on parts of your brain that results in looking at that fellow junior higher in a new and different way.

The best way to maintain libido is to work on some anti-aging. Testosterone levels in men notoriously fall off year after year starting in the 20's. You can use topical testosterone and your body will take that up and utilize it but at the expense of the testes themselves that will become smaller and smaller. If possible it is better to stimulate your own testosterone production. For that you will want to choose products like Davinci Labs: Andro Benefits and NuMedica: Functional Male. For a more complete discussion of anti-aging see Health Resources: Anti-Aging Basics.

Tribulus has been used for countless centuries to temporarily boost libido. Tribulus not only can increase blood supply to reproductive erectile tissue but also seems to act on brain's reaction to hormone levels too. We have chosen Jarrow Tribulus Complex to fill this need.

Help is also available for regulating the normal hormone fluctuations associated with the menstrual cycle. The best place to start is addressing the underlying inflammation. Health Resources: Inflammation Basics. After that each person's needs will be more specific. That topic is addressed in a more complete discussion that you can access at Shop By Concern: Female Support.