Health Resources

The world of nutritional supplements is vast and, it may seem, overwhelming. To help you start your health and well-being journey on the right foot, OVitaminPro has developed a large collection of health resources that provide in-depth knowledge, articles and information on common nutritional supplements and vitamins. Our team has created an impressive knowledge base jam-packed with research and basics designed to help you make safe, informed decisions. Many of these resources include videos and research from our founder, Dr. Dan Schlenger, who has devoted his life to his passion for cutting-edge, high-quality health boosters.

If you're looking for basic information on some of the most popular vitamins and supplements, you've come to the right place. Read our guides to Vitamin D, Vitamin E, probiotics, lithium orotate, IP-6, magnesium stearate, GABA and other additives that you'll commonly find listed on some of our best-selling nutritional supplements. We can also help you find the right products for common health concerns in this selection, including supplements for gluten intolerance and other food sensitivities, inflammation, allergies, sleep concerns, stress, low mood and more. What's more, we'll supply you with a variety of health assessment tests to help you decide where to start.

Dr. Dan and other experts will also help answer some of your supplement questions here, including common supplement misconceptions and physical health basics. When you arm yourself with one of the most important health tools - information - you'll be well on your way to making safe, informed decisions about how address your most frustrating health concerns. If you still have questions or want one-on-one advice on which types of supplements to try, you're always welcome to contact OVitaminPro via phone or e-mail. In fact, we're happy to provide you with an in-depth, personalized health consultation if you give us a call today.