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Beige (2Pack)
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Black (2Pack)
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Blue (2Pack)
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Red (2Pack)
Sale! $32.98
Acti-Tape takes therapeutic and kinesiology tape to the next level. By providing support to active joints and muscles, this sports tape allows athletes to compete at the highest level without affecting their range of motion. When properly applied, this KT tape assists the body as it returns to normal functioning. The tape material is as elastic as skin and facilitates lymphatic drainage by increasing the space between the muscle and the skin. This reduces swelling, promotes recovery, and relieves pain.

Acti-Tape is water resistant so it can stand up to sporting activity in the rain or in the pool—or in the shower you’ll take afterward. Unlike other kinesiology tape, Acti-Tape is breathable, flexible, latex-free, and hypoallergenic. In addition to rehabilitation applications, newer methodologies using sports tape have been used for preventive health maintenance, edema reduction, and pain relief. Use our selection to match the color of your KT tape to that of your uniform easily. Order your Acti-Tape today.
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