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Artemisia & Clove 2oz
Our Price:$36.00
Cyto Flora 4oz
Our Price:$87.00
Lady Passion 2oz
Our Price:$36.00
Liver Life 2oz
Our Price:$36.00
Liver Life 4oz
Our Price:$58.00
Loving Energy 2oz
Our Price:$38.00
NDF 1oz
Our Price:$79.00
NDF 4oz
Our Price:$269.00
NDF Plus 1oz
Our Price:$79.00
NDF Plus 4oz
Our Price:$269.00

Bioray, The Natural Detox Company, is renowned for their effective and traditional roots in Chinese medicine. Their supplements and tonics utilize a precise balance of science and nature to promote overall optimal health and vitality. If you’re looking for an easy and truly natural way to detoxify your body and bring it to its most natural and nutritious state, you’re in the right place!

Here at OVitaminPro, we feature a number of Bioray’s truly revitalizing tonics, all of which aid in detox, nutrient absorption, healthy organ functioning, and more. Bioray tonics are used to promote an overall healthy self, with products for even the most sensitive of individuals. Stabilize the functioning of your vital organs and ensure optimal overall health with tonics such as Bioray Liver Life. Promote an overall healthy lifestyle and increased energy through tonics such as Bioray Love Tonic. Gently detox your body of chemicals, pesticides and heavy metals with the use of Bioray NDF.

With Bioray from OVitaminPro, you’ll be on your way to a more natural supported healthy life!

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